Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gettin the ladies

Been a long time! Storm Legion finally shipped! It's bitter sweet though since I moved to the sy fy project towards the end of Storm Legion development to work on the tail end of their project; so I'm still crunching for another few weeks.

In awesome news though, I'm getting married in a year! I'm basically leaving everything up to her but my contribution was making the save the dates. I said I wanted to make something so it would be more personal and different. It was something fun and simple during crunch. I changed the info because I don't want the internet showing up at my wedding.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Art for the fans

While working on Dude Man we tried to get a bit of a community base going for the game. So every now and then we would do a contest for people and I would draw the winner in the style of Dude Man.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dude Man

Been working on an iphone project with a few friends. A rail shooter called Dude Man that could be compared to play styles like Jetpack Joyride or Who's That Flying. I'm the only artist as well as co-creator in our group of three developers. I did all the art in game as well as promotional art for Kikstarter rewards and our website.

Here is an in game shot. Everything works! Power-ups, limit breaks, time counters and all that.

Them icons

Fail screen for when you sucked at it

Sunday, January 8, 2012

RIFT dump

I finally got around to gathering some of the non-terrain work I did on rift. Only dug up a few models I could show along with z sculpts for ground textures...

The plants here were the first made for any rift type. These were part of a proof of concept for life when I was driving how rifts may look. Ultimately we adopted the look...

Ground Textures for rifts. I made a number of ground textures but these were the ones I made for the rifts...




Some other misc. terrain textures for Rift I found lying around.

Wall Sculpt

Working on a  personal project and I had made a stone wall texture in Zbrush but I don't think it will work out so great for the piece. Dumping here...